About us

Abraham Kef: famous since 1953

In 1953, Abraham Kef opened his shop at the Marnixstraat. He was a pioneer. A flamboyant cheese monger who introduces artisanal French cheese in Amsterdam. He loved cheese and he loved telling stories. Both have made a lasting impression on all cheese lovers in this town, and beyond.

Many years later, in 2004, Marike van der Werff followed in his footsteps as the owner of the Marnixstraat shop. Ten years later, she opened a second shop in the Czaar Peterstraat in Oost. And in 2017, a third location was added in Amsterdam Noord, including a cheese bar! At each of these locations, you will find an exclusive and exquisite range of cheeses and wines. We can guarantee high quality and ripe cheese, also thanks to our close cooperation with maison Philippe Olivier. We have worked together with this famous French cheese refiner, based in Boulogne-sur-Mer, for many years.

Our selection of artisanal Dutch cheeses covers the best our country has to offer, mainly from small companies that work with raw milk.